A downloadable game for Windows

Sanctuary follows the adventures of Maintenance Crew Member Tetrad "Tetch" Jenkins as he begrudgingly attempts to thwart the machinations of an unseen enemy hell bent on bringing down the Sanctuary.


W, A, S, D, - Movement

E - Interact

Space Bar - Jump

J - Attack

K - Dash

L(Hold then Release) - Green Powerup


Thom Clancy - Producer/Writer

Stephen Braun - Lead Designer

Therese Lanz - Lead Artist

Andrew Karos - Lead Programmer

Seb Lingmerth - Lead Animator

Trevor Rohn - Lead Audio

Tyler Deegan, Brian Gui, Brandon Krynicki, Nick Jans, Douglas Shilts - Design

Flamur Ashiku, Mike Finn, Nick Riddle, Kameron Wesley - Art

Toms Jensen - Programming

Austin Bagwell - QA

Eliana Barnett, Dustin Tarr, Timothy Kim - Animation

Logan Bowers, Anthony Sulli - Audio

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract the contents to the same folder. The game won't run unless Sanctuary.exe and Sanctuary_Data are in the same directory.


Sanctuary.zip 105 MB